What's yo name, what's yo sign?

What's yo name, what's yo sign?

Papercraft rooster

Papercraft rooster

Fabric appliqué protest sign for the Women's March, January 21, 2016

I teamed up with Modify Watches to create a custom watch here

Just to be clear.



Spring Cleaning

Gold paper guitar

A little makeover for my Halloween
skull for Total Makeover.

Installation created for The Shit Show; an interactive gallery of poop-themed art commemorating World Toilet Day, November 19. A benefit for WaterAid – produced by Co:Collective. 

Oh nothingness. Collaborations with Melissa Deckert

Oh nothingness. Collaborations with Melissa Deckert

Kitty textile banner detail

Kitty textile banner detail

Papercraft New York nameplate necklace

From a truly special night at The Museum Of Natural History hosted by Instagram; drawing after hours in the Dinosaurs Among Us exhibtion.

Election stress, anyone?

Goopy Ghoulish Type

Lil company Halloween party invite remix.

Spring Cleaning still

Hand lettering
for the hate of Cathy.

Messy Sundae Outtakes | Stills from an upcoming project

Peachy flyer
for the love of Cathy

Sometimes you just have to make your own dreams
(of a french braided kitty) come true.

Postcard design

Postcard design


Chatty Lucia

Inflate / Deflate

Just a little horse love.

Some very light reading.

Stills from party themed animation here

2015 Valentine's Day Product Pattern for Etsy

Animated Gif Backdrop for Etsy's 2015 Admin Talent Show

2015 Valentine's Day Pattern for Etsy 


B+W sketching

So many YAYs on the Unwrap Etsy Holiday videos set. Thanks for capturing this photo sequence, Marina Robel.